The Architecture of Napoleon’s Time

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Art and the Realism of War

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Famous Paintings of Napoleon’s Battles

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The Artistic Opponents

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The Art of Lifestyles

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Art has taken on many forms throughout the centuries of mankind’s existence, but Napoleon’s rule is an excellent example of influence by a ruling class on artists of a particular time. During his life and even after his rule, the Empire style of art flourished. Much of it consisted of grand paintings that glorified the military campaigns that brought him to power, but there were artists who used their talents to show the bleakness and agony of war.

While paintings were a large part of this art, architecture and furniture were also important pieces of this period. It is considered to be an extension of the neo-classical style, and much of it was created as a way to idealize the French ruling class after the Revolution and the Rise of the Emperor. Combined with the art of countries that were overrun by Napoleon, this period was a time when artists were encouraged to do their best work in support of the empire.